Customer Acceptance Checking and Onboarding

Assess customer acceptance suitability by conducting Know Your Customer, Anti-Money Laundering, Customer Due Diligence (KYC/AML/CDD) checks and fraud assessments



Competency Area

Risk Management, Governance and Regulatory Compliance


Evaluate information required for customer acceptance and onboarding

Explain information and documentation requirements to customers as part of onboarding

Obtain background, financial information and supporting documentary evidence from customers

Check documents for validity, relevance and ensure it is sufficient for needs of situation

Perform KYC/CDD/AML and Business Partner Analysis checks

Perform fraud risk assessment using established fraud detection procedures

Follow standard set of steps for onboarding procedures

Conduct (KYC/AML/CDD) incoming customers

Review documented evidence for accuracy and against self- assessed KYC/AML/CDD checklists for customer approvals

Coordinate acquisition of supporting information for account opening and financial situation documentation

Verify documents and customer identities

Conduct onboarding interviews and assessments in line with pre-determined policies

Execute acceptance checks and assessments of customers’ suitability

Conduct periodic review of onboarded customer accounts for money laundering, CFT and Proliferation Financing warning signs

Conduct monitoring of customer accounts for irregular or fraudulent activities using automated systems

Review and validate customer integrity and acceptance suitability

Guide team on customer acceptance checking and onboarding procedures

Roll out onboarding steps as part of risk management activities

Develop guidelines for customer acceptance checking and customer onboarding procedures

Review and verify accuracy of customer acceptance checks and onboarding procedures

Identify improvement opportunities for processes and procedures

Review highlighted potential fraud, AML, CFT and Proliferation Financing cases and escalate to appropriate senior team members accordingly

Oversee implementation of periodic monitoring and review of customer base to determine risks and impact on customer retention.

Determine overall process for adherence to AML, CFT, and Proliferation Financing requirements at a local and global level