Passenger Information Systems Management

Implement and manage effective Passenger Information Systems (PIS) to provide relevant and timely information to passengers and members of the public



Competency Area

Airport Operations


Administer Passenger Information Systems (PIS) processes

Monitor routine functioning and availability of manned and unmanned PIS

Ascertain adherence of manned PIS to information release protocols and security policies

Track, record and resolve issues and breakdowns in PIS

Communicate status of unplanned events and/or emergencies to passengers

Review and audit terminal Passenger Information Systems (PIS) processes

Implement PIS procedures required for terminal operations

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders and/or departments to develop communication plans for unplanned and/or emergency situations

Track and analyse performance indicators of PIS

Conduct and oversee audits of PIS processes

Develop processes for Passenger Information Systems (PIS)

Define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for PIS procedures

Develop protocols for releasing critical information during unplanned and/or emergency situations

Detail key performance indicators for tracking effectiveness of PIS

Determine issues and limitations pertaining to PIS and develop appropriate solutions to overcome them