Cargo Warehousing Operations

Plan and coordinate warehousing activities to ensure efficient and safe transportation of cargo to and from aircraft



Competency Area

Cargo Operations


Execute build-up and break- down of Unit Load Devices (ULDs) to consolidate cargo for loading

Interpret airline load plans for ULD loading

Store cargo in appropriate warehouse locations

Allocate ULDs for loading based on cargo types, weight, dimensions and special requirements

Consolidate cargo into ULDs for loading

Ensure correct cargo is consolidated for build- up

Apply lashing and tie- down techniques to restrain pallets

Assign appropriate tags and labels to ULDs

Build up and break down ULDs based on loading principles

Weigh ULDs and report to load control department

Administer warehouse operations

Monitor the build-up and break-down of ULDs based on loading principles

Verify ULDs weight against cargo manifests weight

Ensure pallets are restrained according to lashing and tie-down principles and procedures

Coordinate with ramp services department to ensure smooth transfers of cargo between warehouses and aircraft

Oversee warehousing operations

Manage day-to-day warehousing operations to ascertain adherence to safety standards

Implement manpower allocations based on flight schedules

Investigate discrepancies in cargo weight and/or missing cargo

Develop operational contingency plans to accommodate flight delays and/or disruptions