Service Planning and Implementation

Develop and implement strategies and plans for the service operations.



Competency Area

Customer Experience


Deliver service excellence by utilising organisational service operations resources

Recognise the role that one plays in the service value chain and organisation’s vision, mission and values

Acquire information commonly sought by organisation’s customers

Deliver service as part of a team according to the organisation’s service standards

Escalate service performance issues that affect the organisation’s service standards

Follow up with actions to resolve the service performance issue

Manage service operations

Recognise resources required for service operations

Recognise the resources required at different points of the service value chain

Deploy resources according to service operations plan

Recognise the role of support centres and/or contact centres in service delivery

Monitor workload allocation among team

Review resource requirements to cater to high volume customer traffic situations

Implement service operations to achieve service excellence

Resolve performance issues within one’s limits of authority that may occur during service operations

Monitor feedback from customers and team on service operations

Develop service operations plans

Develop service operations plan that is in line with the organisation’s customer- focused strategy

Communicate service operations plan to team

Evaluate performance of service operations against organisation’s key performance indicators

Implement corrective actions to improve service operations performance

Measure performance and improve service operations efficiency

Develop service operations strategy

Establish available resources

Define future organisational requirements based on future business plans of the organisation

Forecast customer demand patterns

Formulate required support necessary for service delivery given the organisation’s future needs

Map the service supply chain

Assess the organisation’s service capacity to minimise service disruptions

Develop key performance indicators to measure service operations performance

Establish business continuity plan for on- going service excellence